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Im Ali Farhan from India currently 18 years old and I have made an eCommerce website https://xristwatch.com and from it I have to hide the number of products left when ever someone visits the product page. Idont want the visitors to show them.
Please help some one in this. Regards in advance.

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Asked on September 5, 2019 6:58 pm
Hello, I took a look at your site and don't seem to see the issue of showing stock number you asked about. Also your site looks good. The only thing that stood out to me was the grey shadow on text that looks messy. HTH Martin
( at September 19, 2019 12:57 pm)
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Go to Woocommerce > Settings > Products (tab) > Inventory (link ) you will find a filed named Stock Display Format.

Select Never show stock amount

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Answered on October 17, 2019 6:34 am