Building Websites for the Future

What does the Future Look Like?

Websites are changing in 2018. Designers and website development is all about being module and designed so that parts can be changed without a lot of work being done to make that happen. Website professionals are starting to learn it is best to work smarter instead of working harder. There are so many new tools that are being developed that makes designing the website faster and simpler giving us the opportunity to design websites in “real time”, and the tools are getting closer to what you see is what you get (wysiwyg) editing. It is a great time to be a website creator, programmer or marketer especially using the WordPress platform and tools that are being created.

One of the major changes is with the recent release of WordPress 5.0 and the new Block Editor. It is a very controversial move, but I do think overall it is a needed change. It provides WordPress with a more modern feel and cleaner look. With every major version number I believe that you need to make a drastic change in the interface to keep up with current design trends, technology changes that are becoming more integral to the development process. Also you need to push the edge of what is acceptable. You need to ask yourself do you want to be the leader and innovate of your industry or do you want to stay stagnant and do what everyone else is doing.

Design Skills Not Required

Also another innovation with WordPress that has been taking a hold of the web development community for the lease year or year and a half has been the use of page builders. Page Builders for those that do not know what they do are plug-ins essentially that will make you a good designer if you don’t know anything about design, and make designing a website a snap if you are more experienced at design. And the beauty of page builders is that most modern Page Builders allow you to do it all without touching code, but if you know about writing code you can of course make more complicated changes. At the beginning Page Builders where not very good. A lot of them were hard to use and confusing. Also if you chose a page builder you were stuck with it forever unless you wanted to take the time to redo your website. Also another con at the beginning was that you were looked at as a newbie or as a hobbyist and not a true professional by the community.

Today at least 85% of WordPress professionals use Page Builders.

Why the shift? The answer is that the more time people spend designing and developing a new website the less time the business owner can spend on working with customer engagement and making sure the customer is happy or working on support or feature requests.

And page builders also help people to design a better site without going into the crazy JavaScript or CSS code they may have to do in the older days. The web is advancing and we have to develop processes and techniques to advance with it. And I think Page Builders are a great way to advance a person’s business.

Processing for the Future

If you can develop a process using the Page Builders then you can design and develop websites faster and more efficiently. This in turns can save you and your customer money in the long run. If you take the time to plan out your site then you will discover most of your pages have very similar formatting as far as layout goes. A lot of the Page Builders have the ability or are developing the ability to develop templates for your pages where you can design your pages once and just dynamically change the content within the page when posted if they meet certain criteria.

What Is Your Future?

The future of WordPress looks bright, and developing websites are changing. Are you able to adjust to the new changes that are coming in the future? The writing is on the wall that the old way of doing things is slowly dying. I chose to be in the technology space for the simple fact that everything is in constant change. Some change is for the good and some is for the worse. But when things change for the worse the technology will correct itself eventually. I believe the only way to stay ahead of the upcoming changes are to be leaders either locally or nationally. And be on the forefront of the change and talk to people that have the power to make the change. That is why I lead the local WordPress Meetup and join online groups. So I can be aware of changes coming and if I have comments then I can bring them to the right people.