Starting from scratch, have a domain, have a hosting company. What next.  


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09/02/2019 10:57 pm  

Hello all, 

Haven't touched web authoring in 10 years, and even then was using apple iWeb. (Cue laughter.... 😆 )

I have three domains already registered. Registered a four when I got a hosting account with Namehero,; a domain for my sister. 

Namehero has been amazing at helping me with noob questions like installing wordpress onto their servers without the /wp directory, goofy noob stuff like that. 

SO I'm entering the world of page builder and themes, hence the Divi/Elementor  comparison and decisions. 

I found Darrel's youtube channel and find it invaluable as well, leading me here.  

So my needs are creating websites for:

Two will be personal website for myself and my sister, with blog ability.

One will be my photography, so gallery plus commence to sell prints. 

One will be for my professional resume.. it will have my work on visual effects.. so it will have videos to play back. 

That sums up my needs: Blogging, photo gallery, e-commerce, and video playback (short clips)

Pretty basic stuff. 

So questions are: 

1) Based on my needs, where do you think I will find the best Elementor/Divi examples to sell me on either one. 

2) What themes to you recommend for my needs. The photo, resume site and my personal site are going to link to each other. I need to understand when folks say that for instance one page builder had better footer and headers than the other one. I also need to understand the limitations of themes. for instance for my photo site, perhaps one theme is really good at gallery stuff, but another theme is really good at commerce. can you mix and match.

3) Need consistent restore. For starters, I'm gonna follow Darrel Wilson's youtube lessons on page building and themes, Namehero's youtube lessons on web hosting, email setup, etc.  Are there any additional resources I can tap into. 

Thanks in advance. hope to pay this forward some day. 

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23/04/2019 5:21 am  

Hey Archiea,

I use Divi and it works great.

It has really come a long way since it first came out.

I recommend that you watch Darrel's video called "How To Make A Wordpress Website 2019 - Divi Theme For Beginners."

It shows all the steps a beginner needs to create a Wordpress site (regardless of which theme/plugin you use) and displays the capabilities of Divi.

Good luck with your sites.




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