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14/09/2019 4:32 am  

Hey everyone,

I am extremely new to wordpress finally converting over originally from hard-coded html, to php-nuke, to phpBB, to Joomla...and finally here I am. I can generally edit my way around php, but I lack in the ability too develope.

I am looking into building a social community, yet currently testing ideas and features before nailing down any decisions.


So onto my question...


I am currently looking into having a Vertical Tabbed login/registration widget as my main page (no sidebar). Do you have any recommendations? My searches have been fruitless at most, as everything seems outdated and no longer supported or updated. I have considered a Tabs plugin, yet nothing to suggest using it as a Login / Registration widget.


I had tried creating my own tabs on my Home page, the example codes I found where to outdated...yet I was unable to get my Login or Registration page to display.


Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!


Thank you,



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