Welcome To WPfriends.com

Hey everyone!

Im really excited you have made it this far to read my blog post. For those of you who dont know me, my name is darrel wilson and i promote wordpress companies and hosting companies on youtube. I made this website to help connect more wordpress users together in one place. Sure there is facebook, but how many times have you logged on facebook to find things that really bother you? Well, me too. Thats why we created wpfriends. We do have some rules so i would recommend for you to read them in the community guidelines section.

In case your new, there are many features you can take advantage here at wpfriends. First, you can write your own blog posts. We call them the community blog posts. Everyone here at wpfriends has a chance to be heard and seen. For this reason, you can create blog posts that users will be able to read. They can than also go back to your profile and learn about your services.

Next, we have questions. If you have questions about wordpress, simply make a post or submit a question in the questions section to see if you can get some wordpress help or engage in some discussions about wordpress. You may also directly message people online and engage in a private conversation as well if you choose.

We have also created classified ads as well. This will help you interact with people who are looking for a gig or need some general help with a wordpress product. You may also purchase a classified ad that will allow you to advertise on this website.

Yoy may also create wordpress groups. This will help you get invovled in a niche related topic as well with certain wordpress categories.If you have any questions, feel free to message us at hello@wpfriends.com. Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay!